Tonle Bati, Takeo Province

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Tonle Bati is the popular picnic Place by the nature countryside along the river by rent out bamboo shacks built out over the water to have the great lunch on holiday or weekend day with group of friend, co-worker or family trip with the haft day near by town. Tonle Bati is also Closed to Ta Prohm Temple.

How to get there?

Tonle Bati is about 36.68 kilometers from Phnom Penh town with duration around 45 minutes by national road 2,so you can get there by your own transportation, Tuk tuk or Taxi, Moreover Tonle bati is the best place for group of people like travel by mission trip to get there by bike with the group of people.

Thing to do

Tonle Bati is the popular place by tourist Cambodian on the weekend day. Tonle Bati is the famous fishing spot and swimming with the hot day,Moreover is closed to Ta Prohm Temple so that is the amazing to spend your whole day trip by visit the old ancient temple and have a great picnic by rent out bamboo shacks built out over the water with the good taste of Khmer Food at Countryside with the budgets spend only 10$ per-person.

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Things to Do


Tonle Bati Map

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