Chisor Mountain Temple, Takeo Province

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Chiso Mountain Temple is in Takeo Province that have located in Sai village Rovieng commune, Samrong district about 22.34 kilometers from Phnom Penh City. The Chiso Mountain Temple is very interesting to have a day trip to visiting the temple on the top of mountain accompanied by countryside view. Phnom Chiso is 130 meters and the temple on Chiso Mountain was built in the 11th Century by well-known King of Cambodia kING SURYAVAROMAN by sitting on the hilltop.

How to get there ?

Chiso Mountain Temple is the most popular to explore with the day trip to take a break with the nature view on the hilltop,So you can get there private taxi with the maximum price 60$-70$ for a days trip that available 4 seater or you can get by Tuk Tuk with the price rent 50$ per day.

Place to Visit

chiso Mountain temple is also the ancient temple that have many history. You have to climb up the top of mountain to visit all ancient temple and Pras Ko Pras Keo is also settled on Chiso Mountain. After you are on the top of the mountain you will satisfy with the fantastic view up the mountain with amazing surrounding of the temple. After you have Take in the outstanding views and explore the temple. Take a break to enjoy authentic Cambodian food in one of floating huts on the water, Base on our experience Chiso Mountain is the best place to visit during Summer Season .

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Chisor Mountain Temple Map

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