ស្រែចែង, Cambodia

Buddha Mountain (ពុទ្ធគិរី) is located in Takeo Province. Buddha Mountain (ពុទ្ធគិរី) is a place where is being planned to place 8,400 Buddha statues on mountain. Since started, there are more than 2,000 Buddha statues put on the mountain. While you are close to the mountain, you can see a very big Buddha statue on the center top of the mountain. And on the stairway to go to the top, there are many Buddha statues about the size of human being along the stairway. Moreover, there are a lot of small Buddha statues surrounding the mountain, but among all the statues, there are only around 30% of small Buddha statues.

How to Get There

To get to Buddha Mountain (ពុទ្ធគិរី), you can go along the national road 3; arriving Aoung Ta Soum, you should turn right around 40 kilometers; then you will arrive there.

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