Thma Bay Kaek, Siem Reap Province

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Thma Bay Kaek is the central of all remain of the temple which must be one of many that originally surrounded the Phnom Bakheng was built in 10th century and creator by king Yasovaroman I that have located in Siem Reap Province.The architecture of Thma Bay Kaek is Khmer (Bakheng style).

How to get there?

Tham Bay kaek have distance from Angkor Thom only 2.5 Kilometers and Angkor Wat 1.5 Kilometers so you can get there by bike or tuk tuk. Tham Bay Kaek is the quite place for visiting so you can really escape the crowed of people for a while have to keep relaxing by the good air and get the best feeling by the great environment at there.

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