Tep Pranam Temple, Siem Reap Province

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Tep Pranam Temple is a beautiful example of a building which will have evolved during centuries and of the builders. The first Buddha would have been built by Yasovarman 1st during the construction of first Angkor. Tep Pranam was originally a Buddhist shrine in the 9th century under Yasovarman I, the king that moved the capital to Angkor. It was expanded over the years with 12th century balustrades, 13th century lions and significant post-Angkorian modifications and additions.

How to get Tep Pranam Temple?

Tep Pranam Temple have located inside Angkor Thom in the Area of the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia. Follow along the literate causeway just north-west of the Terrace of the Leper King and the Royal Enclosure. Asking Tuk Tuk drive can take you there!

The Popular thing to do at Tep Pranam Temple

Tep Pranam Temple Nowadays Tep Pranam Temple become a site of Theravada Buddhist worship with a giant Buddha seated on a lotus, built from sandstone blocks. In front of the statue you can witness praying monks or locals bringing offerings.

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