Ta Keo Temple, Siem Reap Province

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Ta Keo Temple or Prasat Keo was built entirely of sandstone by king of Cambodia Jayvarman V in 11th Century that have located between Angkor Thom And the East of Baray. Ta Keo Temple creative the one of tallest monument of Angkor Wat, Ta Keo Temple The top three tiers 14 meters in height are steep and narrow. A very steep staircase on all four sides leads towards the upper square platform.

Thing to do in Ta Keo Tempe

Ta Keo Temple is also the best temple to visit and many historical to know about for each platform the pyramid shaped Ta Keo was build to represent Mount Meru, the mountain that is the center of the world in Hindu mythology,Moreover,from there are a good view of the surrounding area.

How to get there?

Ta Keo Temple is in Siem Reap Province that have location between Angkor Thom the east of Baray and near by Thommanon Temple,Ta Prohm Temple.

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