Kravan Temple, Siem Reap Province

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Kravan Temple or in Khmer called "Prasat Kravan" is the small temple was built in 10th Century by king of Cambodia high ranking Ishanavarman II. Kravan Temple was dedicated to Vishnu, the Supreme God of Hinduism. The Kravan temple consisting of five reddish brick towers on a common terrace that have located at the south ofthe artificial lake called Srah Srang and between of Angkor Wat,Banteay Kdei,Angkor Archaeological Park, Krong Siem Reap.
Why Kravan Temple is also a popular temple?
Kravan temple is the pretty temple which using as much as possible. Prasat Kravan was reconstructed by archaeologists in the early 20th century. Look for modern replacement bricks labeled "CA.".the original materials.

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