Chau Say Tevoda Temple, Siem Reap Province

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Chau Say Tevoda Temple was built at mid-century which is the Hindu Temple was creator by "SURYAVORAMAN II" and additional by "JAYAVARMAN II'The temple was in a dilapidated state with 4,000 of its elements lying scattered on the embankment and in the Siem Reap River. Chau Say Tevoda Temple have located in Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia at the east of Angkor Thom opposite to Thommanon Temple

What's the best experience to Visit Chau Say Tevoda Temple?

Chau Say Tevoda Temple is just a small temple for visit in a short time,Moreover the stone causeway to the temple is very beautiful. Chau Say Tevoda Temple is the one of amazingly peaceful, architecturally wonderful to spend time.

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