Phoum Tnaot, located in Kandal Province, is a popular place to visit for relaxing during the weekend. Phoum Tnaot is around 11 kilometers from Phnom Penh City with the travel duration of around 30 minutes along national road number 3.

Phoum Tnaot is the best place to have a picnic by renting bamboo shacks built above the water. The renting price is USD 5 per shack for a full day from 9AM to 5PM; however, if you order the food with the price of USD 20, you will get a discount for renting the bamboo shack.

Phoum Tnaot offers only countryside food with the price ranging from USD 5 to USD 15 per dish. Moreover, there is also a small market selling tasty countryside food such as fried crab, fried chicken, fried fish, prohok, and many more.

You can get there by tuk-tuk, bicycle, motorbike, or car because it is very close to Phnom Penh City. Notice that you must arrive there around 11AM to 2PM due to the fact that the food is provided during the noon only. Based on our experience, Phoum Tnaot is the most relaxing place to have a great picnic lunch during the weekend or holidays with the maximum budget of USD 5 per person.

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Phoum Tnaot (ភូមិត្នោត) Map

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