Kampong Trach Mountain Resort, Kampot, Cambodia


Kampong Trach Mountain Resort is located in Kampong Trach district, Kampot Province. A short walk into the cave, you will come to an open area where the temple is. There is a sleeping Buddha which was inside a temple that was built like a natural structure.

Things to do

Kampong Trach Mountain Resort got several smaller wells that have stones which look like animals. After this several wells, there is a cave way to Veal Srey Mouy Roy and Thea Dos wells. Moreover, there is a small lake in the cave where you can reach there in about 10 minutes drive from the main cave. That was a very nice place to swim with relaxing atmosphere. After swimming activity, you can enjoy hiking which allow you to see a very beautiful nature view from the top of the mountain, and how to get up there is easy, by just follow the small walking road to the top.

How to get there

To get to Kampong Trach Mountain Resort from Kampot Province is around 32 kilometers. The road to go over there is the same road go to Kep Province too.

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Things to Do


Kampong Trach Mountain Resort Map

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