Tuek Chhu Road, Kampot Provice

Daung Te is one of the newly operated resorts in Kampot Province, which is located on Tuek Chhu Road and is 8km from Durian Roundabout. Translated into Khmer language, Daung Te refers to a curved coconut tree. Daung Te is a clean, fresh, natural, and relaxing resort, surrounded by trees and mountain.

Arriving there, 2,000 Riels will be charged for parking a motorbike, but there is no entrance fee. Along the way into the resort, there are many kinds of tree, especially durian trees, banana trees, grapefruit trees, and many more. Moreover, there are some stores selling fruit and snack.

Daung Te provides many services including Daung Te Riverside, Restaurant & Bar, Bungalow, Water Sport, and Kayak. There are a lot of interesting water activities such as big balls for playing in the water, a big pillow for jumping off from above, kayaks, a large water slide, and some more. Some fee will be charged for playing those activities. Kayaking costs USD 5 per hour while playing other water sports costs USD 3 per day.

Food and drinks are served in the restaurant and on the sand at the riverside, and the price is starting from USD 1 for drinks and USD 3 for food. You can enjoy the food and drinks in the cottage, in the restaurant, or at the riverside with the view of many coconut trees along the river.

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