Bamboo Bungalow ,Tuek Chhu Rd Krong Kampot, Kampot Province

Bamboo Bungalow is a beautiful resort along the river with amazing view. Bamboo Bungalow is a very romantic place to visit in Kampot Province with fresh, quiet, and comfortable environment. Bamboo Bungalow is located about 2 Kilometers from Durian Roundabout.

Things to do

There are many popular activities to do there such as kayaking, fishing, swimming, and you can also enjoy a romantic dinner especially BBQ along the riverside under the sunset with fresh atmosphere. There are all meals available ranging from the breakfast to dinner. Most importantly, at the night time, they also serve food and drinks like western food, cocktail, draft beer, and some more. In addition to those services, there are many scooters for renting with the price of USD 5 per 24 hours.


There are 4 types of room available namely River View, 1-Bed Garden View, 4-Bed Garden View, and Bamboo House.
1. River View: There are 6 River View rooms available, which you need to book in advance to secure the room if you plan to stay in one. This type of room is the most attractive room in the resort. They stay alongside of the river with a balcony in each room facing to the river so that you can enjoy a fresh and amazing view. This room is equipped with 1 big bed and an air conditioning, which is best for 2 people. The price is USD 35 per night.
2. 1-Bed Garden View: There are many rooms of this type. This type of room is equipped with 1 bed with an air conditioning. The price is USD 30 per night.
3. 4-Bed Garden View: This type of room is equipped with 4 beds - 2 on top of 2 - similar to the dormitory. There is also an air conditioning equipped. The price is USD 25 per night.
4. Bamboo House: The type of room is equipped with 1 bed with a fan. The price is USD 15 per night.

There is a clean bathroom available in each room.

Bamboo Bungalow is a very good resort with amazing view and nice services, which is a worth-staying resort when you visit Kampot Province.

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Things to Do


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