Tuek Chhu Road, Krong Kampot

Arcadia Water Park is a nice place to swim and relax during the sunny day in Kampot Province, which is located around 7km from Durian Roundabout. With the good environment and atmosphere, you can spend your whole day there playing water sports, playing table tennis, playing pool, and enjoying food and drink.

The entrance fee is USD 5 for Cambodian and USD 7 for foreigners. With this price, you can enjoyably access everything there including table tennis, pool game, water slide, rope swings, rock climbing wall, zipline, and some other water activities. Moreover, food and drink is affordable. There are many kinds of food and drink, mostly western food, with good taste ranging from cocktail to fast food.

Arcadia Water Park also provides accommodation service. They have both private rooms and dorm rooms. The price is USD 20 per night for a private room and USD 7 per night for one bed in a dorm room.

The environment is very fresh and relaxing with nature. You will also have a great time drinking cocktail or beer and listening to rock music. Normally, Arcadia Water Park has a lot of fun activities in the afternoon, and most of the visitors are Westerners. The services are operated everyday from 7am to 10pm.

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