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Kampot is a province in Cambodia which is 146 kilometers from Phnom Penh city. Normally, the travel duration is around 2 hours and 40 minutes. This province is located to the south of Kampong Speu and Koh Kong while Takeo, Kep, and Vietnam to the east, and Sihanoukville to the west. The provincial capital is Durian Roundabout.

How to get to Kampot Province?

We can travel to Kampot Province by bus or VIP Van with the ticket price of around USD 12 to USD 13, private taxi or rental car with the price between USD 60 to USD 70, or by your own transportation.

Things to Do

In Kampot, there are many interesting places to enjoy such as bicycle tour, river cruise, fishing trip, island trip, beach, kayaking, Bamboo train rides, and naturally beautiful rural area. Kampot Province is also well-known for the tasty fruit such as durain, mango, coconut, so on and so forth.

One of the most visited places in Kampot Province is an old French colonial architecture, abandoned casino, which is on the top of Bokor mountain, around 8 kilometers from Durian Roundabout. There are many interesting activities to do in Kampot. We can take a rest and enjoy the view of the natural plants growing along the river. What is more, kayaking is also one of the enjoyable activities too. Normally, a two-seat kayak is available for renting in the rate of USD 10 per hour. Moreover, Teuk Chhou, a natural resort, about 8.9 kilometers from Kampot city, is one of the interesting places to visit where you can enjoy the view of a natural waterfall from the mountain.

Best Time to Visit

The good time to visit Kampot Province is the dry season (from October to April) while the period between November to January is the best period due to the lack of rain so that we can enjoy the sunshine and the weather is not too hot.

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