Koh Paen, Kampong Cham Province

Koh Paen is a small island in Kampong Cham Province. You can reach to Koh Paen by bamboo bridge or new concrete bridge which just recently build. After you cross the bamboo bridge, there is a resort where you can enjoy fresh air and ordering food for eat. Moreover, they also secure the small part of the river with net where you can enjoy swimming. After you done visiting the resort, you can go and visit the village in Koh Paen. While you were visiting, there are many fruit for sell in front of villager homes.

How to get to Koh Paen Bamboo Bridge

Koh Paen Bamboo Bridge is inside the city of Kampong Cham Province. Before arriving 7 Maraka Market, you will see Bamboo Bridge where you cross to go to Koh Paen.

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Koh Paen Bamboo Bridge Map

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