Kampong Seim District, Kampong Cham Province

Chhrouy Chek is a name of the place where they build to stock the water for agriculture, most of it are rice fields. There is not much to do beside enjoying the beauty of its place, and some of travellers go to swim. There are a lot of food selling along the way, and also have floating houses can be renting for 2,000Riel (USD0.50) where visitor can relax and enjoy their food. Chhrouy Chek was built during khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to 1978.

How to get to Chhrouy Chek

Chhrouy Chek is located in Kampong Seim District, Kampong Cham Province. It is about 15 kilometers from city of Kampong Cham Province.

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Chhrouy Chek Map

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