Sneung Commune, Banan Distric, Battambang Province

There are two Prasat Sneung (Sneung Temples) where is located in the East Sneung and the other one is in West Sneung. The East Sneung Temple is inside Sneung Pagoda. Prasat Sneung (Sneung Temples) was built during 12th century with 30 meters long and 20 meters wide where it is constructed by bricks on a hill. And the West Sneung Temple was built with sandstone, and it is located near National Road 57 (The former National Road 10). Both of the temple are not far from each other.

How to get to Prasat Sneung ( Sneung Temple )

Prasat Sneung (Sneung Temple) is located in Sneung Commune, Banan Distric, Battambang Province. To get to Prasat Sneung (Sneung Temple), it take around 22 kilometers southwest of the provincial town.

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