About Us

Welcome to Tripsary

Love traveling? Having trouble finding places to visit for your next trips? No idea of where to go while you are in some provinces of Cambodia?

You will never face those hassles again. Here we come. Tripsary provides you some informative details of many interesting and well-known traveling destinations in Cambodia.

Let’s learn some story of Tripsary.

Tripsary was founded in May 2017 and was successfully launched in December 2017. We came up with this idea because we are a group of travel lovers. We like traveling to interesting places and taking photos and videos of those places. Therefore, we would like to share our experiences and memories. Moreover, we have learned that (and also have experienced it ourselves), as a traveler, we find it hard to explore the unfamiliar places; we have no idea where to go. Thus, we have done and continue doing research on as many places as possible in Cambodia in order to keep the details of each place up to date.

All in all, with Tripsary, you can search for and learn more about many interesting travel destinations in Cambodia. You can read the overview description, view the photo galleries, watch the videos, know more about the geography, and get informed about things to do at those places. As a result, you can plan your next trips properly.

Last but not least, we aim to produce very informative details for all travel destinations not only in Cambodia but also in other countries in the near future. We aspire to be the first choice of travelers when they are finding the sources for travel destinations in Cambodia.

Let’s travel more and explore all together. Tripsary is a glossary of trips.